Health Risk Assessments

Information, education, motivation

Health risk assessments (HRAs) are often the backbone of a workplace wellness program. With HRAs, your employees get baseline information and education to make healthy choices. Plus, you get greater insight into the health risks your workforce faces.

All clinical screening services are provided by an expert network of health professionals. We offer a variety of screening options to fit your needs and budget:

  • Lipid panel
  • Metabolic panel
  • Blood pressure
  • Body composition
  • PSA (prostate), A1C (glucose), and thyroid screening
  • Nicotine testing

Health screenings provide you with the information you need to develop a results-driven wellness program, targeted at the areas of highest need.

Paper Process or Online Portal

The entire health risk assessment process, from sign-ups to reporting, can be managed through a paper process, online portal, or a hybrid of both. You decide which tools make the most sense for your workforce.

Our OneCommunity online platform is unique to our market. This online, mobile platform can be co-branded for your organization to promote a culture of health. Use it to provide online access to individual health results and leverage rich capabilities like FitBit integration, incentive programs, team challenges, and more. Learn more about OneCommunity.

24/7, On- or Off-Site

Screenings are available on-site at your workplace or through our network of clinics. Screenings services are available at any time of day, to accommodate various work shifts.

Biometric Screening

In order to provide certain health results, like cholesterol and glucose measurements, we need to collect a blood sample from participating employees. This is called “biometric screening.” Blood samples can be collected via fingerstick or blood draw:

With fingerstick testing, your employees get immediate results, enabling them to discuss their results right away with our onsite health educations.

With a venous blood draw, we can perform more tests, such as prostate screening (PSA), nicotine tests, and a metabolic panel. With this option, employees must wait to receive their information via mail or our secure online portal.

We can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each option.

Individual and Aggregate Reporting

Your employees will each receive a Personal Health Report, via an online portal or mailed to the home. Reports are written in easy to understand language, and repeat participants will receive trend results year-after-year. 

Next, we’ll sit down with key staff to review your company’s aggregate results. We identify your employees’ top risk factors and provide recommendations based on your top risk factors. These recommendations will include a long-term plan to provide meaningful improvements in employee health.