Student and Family Assistance Program

A healthy home and family life helps to nurture academic excellence

The Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP) consists of a team of professionals who provide confidential counseling, consultation, intervention and referral services to students and families in need.

When your school district contracts with Aurora, our confidential support services are available at no charge, to all district students and their families. Callers are immediately connected to a counselor who will consult with them and help them work through family problems.

Our team of professionals can assist students and families who struggle with concerns like these:

  • Alcohol/drug issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Academic pressure
  • Family crises
  • Grief
  • Peer and relationship struggles
  • Parenting issues
  • Personal, family, or environment factors that impact academic performance and personal wellbeing

Families that use the SFAP can receive up to six goal-focused consultation sessions per issue.  When appropriate, our professional counselors may refer families to community resources or specialized providers within the family’s insurance network.  Counseling services are provided via phone or in-person, at the request of the family.

Additional Services

We also offer the following services to help families manage life’s challenges:

  • Financial consultations (e.g. debt or college funding)
  • Childcare and eldercare referrals
  • Legal and mediation consultations

School Administration Support

The SFAP is also designed to assist district staff. We’ll correspond with your team on an ongoing basis to review district needs and support your plans for student success.

We offer SFAP overview training for faculty and staff, promotional materials, and other resources that will assist staff in identifying students and families who could benefit from SFAP services. 

Let’s Talk

Students need a healthy home and a stable family life to reach their full potential at

school. School budgets are under severe pressure, yet student needs continue to grow. Call 866-938-0035 and find out how we can help.