Children's Health

A complete range of medical care for children and teens

Pediatricians are medical specialists focused on the unique health care needs of infants, children, teens, and young adults up to age 21. At Aurora BayCare, our experienced and knowledgeable pediatricians provide comprehensive, quality care.  We treat everything from fevers and sore throats to chronic illness and injuries.

Comprehensive and Proactive Care

Our goal is to help your children live active, healthy lives. That begins with proactive, preventive care.  Routine checkups are an important part of keeping children healthy.

As part of our care model, we emphasize education, training and support for anyone who gives care to children. Aurora BayCare provides a complete range of medical care for children and teens, including:

  • Care for chronic illnesses, including allergies and asthma
  • Care for children with physical disabilities and neurological problems
  • Health screenings (hearing and vision)
  • Immunizations
  • Physical exams (for school, camp, and athletic teams)
  • Sick child visits

We also have a pediatric dietician and can provide help for emotional and behavioral problems, including attention-deficit disorder, depression and grief.

It’s Not Just About the Medicine
Working with young people is not just about scaling the surgical method or medicine dosage down for a smaller body.  Our pediatric specialists, in any subspecialty, have special heart and talent for working with young people. 

They understand how to deliver medical care in ways that make it less scary and anxiety-inducing. And they know how to communicate in plain language that’s understandable.

A Collaborative Approach
The same specialized UW Health doctors you would see at American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison will now be available at Aurora BayCare, through a collaboration with Aurora Health Care and UW Health. If your child has a rare or complicated condition, they can be treated in Green Bay and referred to Madison only when necessary. That means your family can avoid the added stress and cost of traveling for specialized medical care. Families may also find that coordinating in-network insurance approval is easier, now that treatments are available at Aurora BayCare.

Together, we are one of the largest pediatric healthcare providers and offer a full-array of children specialties in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin—making Aurora BayCare a destination resource for our region’s youngest patients.

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