Children’s General Surgery

Expert care when your child needs an operation

Our surgeons are part of a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists who have dedicated their lives to working with children.

We care for kids in a nurturing way that meets their medical needs with care and compassion. Physicians are supported by an experienced pediatric surgical team, including pediatric surgical nurses and anesthesiologists. Together, we’re helping our youngest patients thrive.

Meeting Your Child’s Developmental Needs

Working with young people is about much more than scaling the surgical method or medicine dosage for a smaller body. Our pediatric surgeons understand a child’s unique physical differences and psychological and emotional needs.

Family-Centered Focus

What exactly does family-centered mean?  It means that as a family, you are engaged in your child’s care, included in decision-making, and educated on post-surgical follow-up.  We know your child may have anxieties about a symptom, illness or procedure, and that you as a family member are impacted the same way. In caring for a child with an acute illness or a chronic condition, we care for your whole family, whatever your needs.

Advancing Pediatric Health Every Day

At Aurora BayCare, our medical professionals are innovators. When one of our pediatric surgeons makes a medical advancement, perfects a surgical technique or procures a new tool for providing better health care, the collaboration between all doctors means that children’s health at Aurora BayCare is advancing and transforming in thoughtful ways.

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