Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is sneaky 

Many patients do not experience any symptoms until the cancer has advanced.

Screening is your opportunity to get an early diagnosis and maintain your health.

Finding cancer early will improve your chances of survival. 

Better Lung Cancer Screening

Our state-of-the-art screening is designed for those who have the highest risk of developing lung cancer. Aurora BayCare uses CT scans, following a national clinical trial, that improve a patient’s chances of survival. We now offer CT scans as part of our standard lung cancer screening program. Call your Primary Care Physician's office to discuss Lung Cancer Screening Chest CTs that may be a covered screening benefit for patients who meet certain criteria.

Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

Tobacco use is responsible for 87% of lung cancers, making lung cancer one of the most preventable cancers. If you are (or were) a tobacco user, your risk may vary depending on the number of cigarettes you smoked each day and how old you were when you started smoking.

Screening is strongly recommended for heavy smokers age 55 to 77 or former heavy smokers who quit within the last 15 years. Exposure to high levels of pollution, radiation and asbestos may increase your lung cancer risk.

Lung Cancer Prevention

Limit your exposure to pollutants that can increase your risk for lung cancer:

  • Have your home tested for asbestos and wear appropriate protective gear when working with asbestos.
  • Try to minimize exposure to air pollutants from diesel fumes and fossil fuels.
  • Check your home's radon levels with kits available at hardware stores.
  • Obtain early treatment for tuberculosis (TB) and other lung diseases.
  • Avoid living or working in a place where 2nd-hand smoke, asbestos, radon or coal dust is present.
  • Quit Smoking

Take back the power. Getting screened for lung cancer won’t give you cancer…but it could save your life. For more information,contact your primary care provider.

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