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Early detection and advanced treatment—it’s here at Aurora BayCare.  Our Comprehensive Breast Center offers complete women’s breast care, all in one place.

While nearly 80 percent of lumps turn out to be harmless, finding out you have one can be alarming. Rapid follow up is important for your peace of mind and your health. Additional tests and procedures are often the next step:

  • Breast MRIs are used when your doctor needs more information or as an additional screening tool for women at high risk of breast cancer.
  • Image Guided Biopsy allows the physician to collect a tissue sample for analysis without putting you under general anesthesia for a surgical breast biopsy.
  • Ultrasonography aids in detecting breast cancer for women with dense breast tissue. It may also be used when your doctor needs more information than the mammogram and/or MRI can provide.
  • We take a comprehensive approach to breast care with state-of-the-art imaging as well as a complete team of specialists for follow-up care, when needed. At Aurora BayCare you won’t be bounced around or asked to wait for care. We have specialists in imaging, diagnostics, surgery, cancer care, and emotional support, all under one roof.

    The Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Aurora BayCare is accredited by the American College of Surgeons and was the first breast center in Wisconsin to achieve accreditation. This accreditation recognizes the highest standards of care and patient safety. 

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