Nurse Navigator

Your personal cancer coach

A Cancer Nurse Navigator is there for you, from diagnosis, through treatment, and into recovery.  This cancer coach provides free assistance and support to help you cope.

At Aurora BayCare, we understand that a cancer diagnosis comes with a host of unknown issues – emotional, logistical, and financial. We can help you navigate this complex journey with free assistance from a Cancer Nurse Navigator.

A Nurse Navigator is an experienced registered nurse who specializes in supporting cancer patients and their loved ones. Your Nurse Navigator is there to serve as a liaison between you and your team of oncology experts.

A Nurse Navigator provides personalized support to keep you strong throughout your entire treatment, from diagnosis and into survivorship.  Your Nurse Navigator can help you:

  • Prepare for your visit and understand what to expect when you arrive at the hospital
  • Understand your diagnosis, treatment options, and get answers to your questions
  • Coordinate your appointments and care
  • Connect to the cancer specialists you need, when you need them
  • Find additional programs and services to help support your well-being

We recognize that every cancer journey is unique. We’re here to help make yours as stress-free as possible.


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