Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic

It takes a village

When it comes to beating cancer, we take a team approach. The Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic is the place where cancer specialists work together under one roof, to strategize and coordinate your care.cancer care doctor meeting

If you have breast cancerlung cancergynecologic cancer or colorectal cancer, you will receive treatment from a collaborative group of cancer specialists working together to provide team-focused care.

With our multidisciplinary approach, every patient has access to an entire team of specialists. By physically sitting down to review your case, the medical team can create a unified treatment plan that’s ready to be implemented immediately. The entire team lends their expertise to your care, operating as a collective group, not as silos.

"Having all your doctors in one location offers a sense of peace." – Patty Gille, breast cancer survivor

You confer together on all of the findings and then they go back and talk to their partners so we actually had six opinions rather than one. We didn’t need to go anywhere else for a second opinion. – John Gille, Patty’s husband

During your treatment, the team will meet regularly to monitor your progress and make adjustments. They may also review your case during our weekly tumor boards. This approach ensures patients receive the ideal combination of treatments and therapies.

A Day in the Clinic

For many patients, your first visit with us is an intensive half-day cancer clinic. After reviewing your records and test results, your cancer experts will gather as a team to discuss your case and develop an effective treatment plan.  Later that same day, you’ll meet with these doctors, one-by-one, to review your diagnosis and discuss their recommendations.

It takes just one day to get the answers you need and develop a plan of attack.  No waiting, no extra travel, no lag time.  All in all, that means better convenience, less anxiety, and (most importantly) better outcomes for you.

The Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic at Aurora BayCare provides you with an unparalleled level of cancer care, right in your community.

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