Consultative Tumor Board

Tumor boards are essential to excellence in cancer care

Weekly tumor boards, also known as cancer conferences, provide an opportunity for medical staff to review and discuss individual cases. Our specialists come together to share their knowledge and recommend the best course of treatment.

Medical teams review patient cases, gathering with cancer experts from the entire Aurora Health Care system to discuss new approaches and treatment recommendations. Consultative tumor boards meet weekly and include surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other healthcare professionals. 

These multidisciplinary sessions allow physicians to consult with one another, consider alternative treatment modalities and reach a consensus to provide the best treatment options for patients.

We hold a dedicated breast cancer conference every week as well as a separate conference to discuss other cancers.

Improving Care

The tumor boards at Aurora BayCare allow us to harness the collective knowledge of multiple cancer specialists, located throughout the state-wide Aurora system. More expertise means more ideas and the best possible treatment recommendations for each patient.


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