We treat advanced prostate cancer with Provenge® immunotherapy

Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a certified Provenge treatment center.

Provenge is the first and only FDA-approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer. Provenge is a treatment that uses your own immune cells and then reprograms them to attack your prostate cancer.  This creates a highly personalized treatment that has been clinically proven to extend the life of men with advanced prostate cancer.

Provenge works by harvesting your immune cells and then introducing a protein that functions as a prostate cancer antigen. (An antigen causes the body to react with an immune response.) This process activates your immune cells in a fight against prostate cancer, giving your system an extra kick to fight the disease.

Are You a Candidate for Provenge?

Provenge is designed for men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer. You may be able to receive Provenge therapy if:

  • You are on hormone therapy and have rising PSA levels
  • Your cancer has spread from your prostate to other places in your body
  • You are not taking narcotics for cancer-related pain

Provenge Treatments

Provenge is administered in three infusions, each one administered approximately two weeks apart.

A few days before each treatment, your cells will be collected in a process called apheresis.  Those immune cells are sent to a medical manufacturing facility to be converted into your own personalized doses of Provenge.

The entire process requires six appointments – three for cell collection through apheresis and three for Provenge infusions.


Provenge is an immunotherapy treatment that works by stimulating the immune cells in your body. It is not chemotherapy, which uses drugs to stop your prostate cancer cells from growing. And it is not a prostate cancer hormone therapy, which decreases the level of testosterone in your body.


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