Neurologic Cancer

We have the largest team of board certified neurosurgeons in the region

Not every brain tumor is cancerous, but they still require specialized care. If you have a benign brain tumor, you will be treated by the same neurologic experts on our neuro-oncology team.cancer care surgeons in OR

The Neuro-Oncology team offers state-of the-art treatment for patients with brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, and neurologic complications from cancer.

The Region’s Most Specialized Team

When it comes to treating brain tumors and neurologic cancer, Aurora BayCare has the region’s largest and most specialized team. We offer:

  • The largest group of board-certified  neurosurgeons
  • The only practicing neuro-interventional radiologists in the region
  • More treatment options including intracranial radiation, anti-angiogenic agents, NovoTTF therapy, and clinical trials.

If you want treatment from physicians who specialize in neurologic cancer, you need to be at Aurora BayCare.  Other providers offer general oncology, but we’re the only cancer center in Northeast Wisconsin offering board-certified, fellowship-trained expertise from physicians who focus on brain tumors and neurologic cancers.

Tumor Boards and Team-Focused Care

Aurora BayCare uses a multidisciplinary approach for neurological cancers.  This cases are reviewed by a team of cancer experts including a neuro-oncologist, neuro-interventional radiologists, neurosurgeons, pathologists, and a genetic counselor.

These experts gather for regular tumor boards to review patient cases, brainstorm treatment opportunities, and developed a coordinated care plan.

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