Cancer Specialties

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Aurora Cancer Care at Aurora BayCare Medical Center offers a wide range of cancer treatments. You get the highest level of clinical care and access to the latest cancer research, close to home. Here at Aurora BayCare, you’ll get evidence-based care. That means our cancer team is constantly reviewing groundbreaking research and leading-edge technology to provide the latest in clinically-proven cancer treatments.

Cancer Specialties We Offer

Breast Cancer

At a nationally accredited Comprehensive Breast Center, you will be treated by a dedicated breast surgeon who focuses exclusively on breast cancer treatment.

Colorectal Cancer

Patients with colorectal cancer are seen by our multidisciplinary care team including a board certified colorectal surgeon so you benefit from a team-focused approach. You’ll get the highest level of clinical care in the region and access to the latest cancer research.

Gynecologic Oncology

Your treatment will be led by a board-certified, fellowship-trained gynecologic oncologist. Research shows that women treated by a gynecological oncologist have higher long-term survival rates.

Lung Cancer

The Multidisciplinary Lung Nodule Clinic provides evidence-based testing and monitoring for people with lung nodules. The clinic team provides rapid lung cancer diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and patient guidance.


Aurora BayCare treats more neurological cancers than anyone else in Northeast Wisconsin. We have the largest and most experienced team of specialists in neuro-oncology that provide cutting edge treatment plus technology and treatment options no one else provides.

Prostate Cancer

Aurora BayCare is a provider of Provenge immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer.  Patients with prostate cancer are seen by our multidisciplinary care team and access some of the most advanced treatment options available in the region.

Other Cancers

Aurora BayCare is part of the Aurora Health system. No other health system in Wisconsin diagnoses more cancer patients than we do. See us for accurate diagnosis, clinically advanced treatment, and comprehensive cancer care.

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