Cancer Research

Clinical trials and groundbreaking therapies

When you participate in a clinical trial, you get access to the latest cancer-fighting therapies, long before they are available elsewhere.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center participates in ongoing cancer clinical trials available through the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), pharmaceutical companies and other cancer research affiliations.  

And because Aurora BayCare is part of the largest integrated health care system in the state, you also have access to Aurora Health Care’s system-wide research. Aurora Health Care is involved in hundreds of research projects and clinical trials.

Cancer clinical trials are available at various phases in the process to study an investigational treatment.

Clinical trials test new approaches to surgery, radiation therapychemotherapy, immunotherapy and other treatments. Many cancer treatments we use today were made possible because patients entered clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

As a patient at Aurora BayCare, you can participate in a variety of clinical trials, including:

  • Treatment trials - testing new drugs, new devices, and new approaches to medical procedures.
  • Prevention trials - looking for better ways to prevent disease from occurring.
  • Screening trials - seeking the best way to detect diseases.
  • Diagnostic trials - finding better tests or procedures for diagnosing a disease or condition.
  • Quality of life trials - exploring ways to comfort and improve well-being for people with a chronic illness.

Search for open clinical trials at Aurora BayCare and Aurora Health.


High Standards for Cancer Research

Aurora BayCare physicians collaborate with cancer researchers at highly respected universities throughout Wisconsin and the country. We work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and many multicenter clinical trial programs.

Every clinical trial at Aurora BayCare is conducted according high professional and ethical standards. Aurora is one of the first medical organizations to have a program accredited by the Association for Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program.


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