Cancer Care

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When you are diagnosed with cancer you have an important decision to make: Where to get the best treatment possible for you. Fortunately there's a leading-edge cancer center right in your patel with patientbackyard. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you have access to care close to home. And more importantly, close to your support network.

Cancer Care at Aurora BayCare Medical Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer. We hold the CoC’s highest level of recognition with commendation.

Cancer Research

As a patient at Aurora BayCare, you have access to dozens of clinical trials performed right here in Green Bay. Aurora BayCare is part of Aurora Health Care. Aurora Health Care is involved in hundreds of research projects and more clinical trials than any other integrated health system in the state.

Cancer Specialties

Our accomplished cancer specialists provide evidence-based care, combining groundbreaking research and leading-edge technology in a collaborative care group.

Cancer Treatments

Aurora BayCare provides evidence-based care that keeps pace with the latest in diagnostic treatments, research innovation, and clinical best practices.

Diagnostic Procedures

Our leading-edge technology provides faster, more precise diagnostics so your cancer team has the most detailed information possible when fighting your cancer.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

Aurora BayCare offers multidisciplinary cancer clinics for breast, lung, gynecologic and gastrointestinal cancers. In one day, at one location, you meet all the physicians involved in your case. Cancer specialists convene as a team to review your case and plan a coordinated attack.

Nurse Navigator

Cancer Nurse Navigator provides free assistance to cancer patients and their families, guiding you through your cancer treatment.

Prevention and Risk Assessment

Catch cancer early and reduce your risk with cancer screenings and cancer genetic counseling.

Patient and Family Resources

You don’t have to face cancer alone. We treat the whole patient with support groups and family resources.

Complementary Medicine

We are highly supportive of patients who wish to pursue complementary therapies throughout treatment and recovery. Also called "integrated therapies", treatments such as aromatherapy, music therapy, and massage can help relieve side effects, reduce stress, and support healing.

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Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic

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