Sports Medicine

Ahead of the Game

Cutting-edge sports performance. Injury care. Fitness training. We’re here to help every active individual achieve their personal best.

Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine takes pride in supporting our local athletes, coaches, and families. We’re committed to providing quality care for youth, high school, collegiate and professional.   In addition, we support individuals who are working toward greater wellness and personal fitness goals.

At the center of our sports medicine program is our 80,000 square foot fitness facility staffed with a team of top orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and fitness specialists.

Sports Performance

Becoming an elite athlete requires more than just working out.  You need the right balance of functional movement and power.


Aurora BayCare offers fitness and wellness programs designed to empower you with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. Our LiveFit program includes personal training, group fitness classes, wellness education, cardiovascular and strength training equipment, and much more.

  • Fitness center
  • Medical fitness program
  • Personal training
  • Wellness programming

Sports Medicine

Our experts know exactly what it takes to keep you strong and healthy. We’ll provide the clear guidance and medical care you need to recover from an injury.

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