Putting Her Feet in Capable Hands

Roberta Johnson was nearly immobilized by severe foot pain, until she found Dr. DeVries at Aurora BayCare.

Johnson, of Gladstone, Michigan, had been suffering with foot pain for a long time. The arch had fallen on her left foot, causing significant pain. Johnson consulted a local doctor who advised a conservative surgical approach. Unfortunately, the operation didn’t work.

“I wasn’t happy with the results,” Johnson says. “I was still in all this pain. I could hardly walk.”

So, Johnson did some research and set out to get a second opinion. That led her to Dr. Jason DeVries, an orthopedic surgeon at Aurora BayCare.

“He looked at the x-ray and said my foot had totally flattened out. He understood why I was in so much pain,” Johnson recalls.

Dr. DeVries recommended a total foot reconstruction and Johnson agreed. The recovery process can take several months, but eventually Johnson regained some strength and mobility. Today, Johnson is on her feet and feeling good.

“I’m very pleased with the results,” said Johnson. “I don’t have all the pain. I can walk for a ways. I can do my shopping. I can do a lot more than I was able to before.”

Green Bay Foot Surgery
Aurora BayCare’s orthopedic team specializes in providing innovative treatments for foot and ankle problems. In addition to foot surgery, we offer a variety of therapeutic treatments such as injections, fusions, cell-based repairs, and other cutting-edge approaches.