Weighed and Not Wanting

Menominee Woman Happy with Bariatric Surgery

It’s like 364 sticks of butter. That’s how Pamela Champagne visualizes her weight loss. Pamela lost 60 pounds in her first three months after bariatric surgery, which rose to 90 pounds lost at six

McKenna and Pamela

months. She underwent a gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Daniel McKenna in April.

“I’ve tried years and years of Weight Watchers and different diets, but nothing worked for me,” she says.

Then she read about Dr. McKenna in the paper. One informational seminar and several consultations later, she decided to go ahead with surgery. And is she ever glad she did.

“I’m down to 185 pounds,” she says. “My family is so happy for me because I can do more. I’m more active. The surgery pushed me in the right direction.”

And like many people who’ve had bariatric surgery, Pamela finds her other health conditions are under better control. “I was on three blood pressure medications and was an insulin dependent diabetic,” Pamela says. “Since surgery, I am down to two blood pressure medications and have only used insulin three times. I used to use it constantly.”

Pamela describes her surgery and recovery process as painless. What’s more, she isn’t having any trouble with her new diet. “I can eat anything—I’m on a full diet. The big difference is my stomach tells me I’m full,” she says. “I can eat anything in small portions.”

A former nurse, Pamela is eager to speak out and share her story in the hopes of inspiring others to make this life-changing decision. “I feel wonderful. I can go up and down steps. I can tie my own shoes. I’m less tired, less sedentary. I can’t say what tomorrow holds, but I sure am happy today.”

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