Active Mom, Daycare Provider, and Robotic Surgery Patient

For many years, Jane Pribek dealt with long, heavy periods.  After she had her third son, her periods were regularly two weeks long and she had significant pain during ovulation.

“It got worse with each pregnancy,” she said. “I had to take pain medication, and I didn’t have the energy to do a lot of fun stuff with my boys.  I always felt crampy and I had to run to the bathroom a lot.”

Jane talked to her gynecologist, Dr. Stephen Sehring from Aurora BayCare Medical Center.  After reviewing her options, Dr. Sehring recommended she consider a robotic-assisted hysterectomy. 

“He said the recovery would be faster and the incisions would be very small,” Jane recalls.  “Plus, I had ureteral reimplantation when I was three, so Dr. Sehring felt it would be helpful to have better visualization of the surgical site—and the robot provides that.”

Jane’s surgery was scheduled for the afternoon, so (unlike some other robotic hysterectomy patients) she did spend a night in the hospital. But by the next morning, she says, she was walking around without too much trouble.  And just one week later, she felt pretty much like her old self again…minus all the menstrual inconvenience and cramping.

Now she’s going to the pool with her boys, getting down on the floor and playing games with the kids she watches in her in-home daycare, and lifting little ones without pain or worry. 

Jane says she’s very pleased with her results.  “You can hardly even see my incisions,” she says. “The robotic surgery really was everything Dr. Sehring said it would be.”

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