Thirteen Years of Fast, Attentive Care

Ewa Kaczmarczyk doesn’t have breast cancer. And for that, she’s grateful. But it isn’t just the good news from her doctor that has her smiling—it’s the rapid care she got from Aurora BayCare.Ewa_family

For years, Ewa had a lump in her breast that would come and go monthly. But when that lump didn’t disappear like usual, she called Dr. William Morrissey, her long-time OB-GYN and primary care provider. After investigating, Dr. Morrissey quickly referred her to Dr. William Owens, medical director of Breast Health services.

Both doctors, Ewa says, offered her same-day appointments. Although in both cases she had to wait a day due to work travel conflicts, she was surprised and impressed they could schedule her so quickly. 

“Based on my history and the characteristics of the lump, the chances of it being anything serious were slim,” Ewa recalls. “But still they saw me right away. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Following a consultation with Dr. Owens, Ewa was scheduled for a biopsy that same day. Two days later, her lab results were back with the good news: all clear. The lump was nothing to worry about.

“From Thursday to Thursday, within a week after I made a phone call, I was seen by my doctor, saw a specialist, and had the results,” Ewa says. “I always feel like the priority with Dr. Morrissey and this whole experience was the same.”

But Ewa says that’s just what she’s come to expect from Aurora BayCare. About 11 years ago, when she was pregnant with her son, she called Dr. Morrissey’s office to report some pain, and once again she was scheduled for a visit right away. It was a UTI that was readily treated with antibiotics and a little extra monitoring.

“They really make sure you’re taken care of and understand what’s needed,” Ewa says. “I feel confident that whatever happens, Aurora BayCare will take excellent care of me.” 

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