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  • 12/31/2020

    Field House Friday: Prioritizing Your Health in 2021

    Field House Friday: As the new year begins and the pandemic continues, protecting our health becomes even more of a priority. Dr. Andrew Pahl explains that preventive care is not only essential to our well-being, but an easy new year’s resolution to check off the “to-do” list. He also explains that doing a routine physical, getting a tetanus booster, scheduling a colonoscopy (if over the age of 50), and much more can be beneficial to the longevity of your health. Thanks to Safe Care Promise measures in place, patients can receive proactive healthcare - even during the pandemic.

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Success Stories

“They said Aurora BayCare had the best stroke doctor in the state.”

Katherine, on her son Robert's transfer to Aurora BayCare Medical Center


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“I was so happy to have everyone all in one spot and get all my questions answered at one time,” "They made me feel so much more comfortable with the situation. After I left, I felt like I had a plan."

Christina of Casco, WI

Breast cancer free with the Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic

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