Aurora BayCare Medical Center first in the state to be recognized for leading the way through Pastoral Care

The Aurora BayCare Medical Center team is honored to be receiving the Excellence in Spiritual Care Award granted through the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network or HCCN. Aurora BayCare Medical Center is the first hospital in Wisconsin to receive this award after successful completion of having sufficiently met rigorous criteria through Professional Standards of Excellence in Spiritual Care, a serious accomplishment. The criteria that must be met to be awarded this recognition includes, but is not limited to, engaging in quality improvement projects, the strategic deployment of chaplaincy care resources and employing an interdisciplinary team approach to whole patient care.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center has numerous pastoral care members within the team including Lead Chaplain, Renée Lubinski. Renée discussed what the award resembled to her and the rest of the award-winning team, stating that “Receiving the Excellence in Spiritual Care Award is both humbling and an honor. Aurora BayCare Medical Center, as a whole, is committed to optimally addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families. Though we may not be a faith-based organization, we are very faith friendly. Our Chaplain Team provides unconditional support to all faiths and those who may claim no faith. All are offered emotional and/or spiritual care and support and resourced according to their individual, unique needs. It’s a phenomenal feeling knowing that our day-to-day care is positively impacting others and, an honor to be the first in Wisconsin”.

The Excellence in Spiritual Care Award is a renowned recognition to an organization that excels tremendously in the spiritual care aspect provided to patients and their families. For an organization to be considered for the reward, the organization must establish its commitment to placing the needs of the patients’ spiritual and religious values highly through a variety of outstanding spiritual care and practices. They too, must adhere to meeting a high bar of requirements, which Aurora BayCare Medical Center not only met, but exceeded. 

At Aurora BayCare Medical Center, pastoral care is part of the outstanding package of benefits offered to patients while seeking aid within. The purpose of the spiritual care services are to help individuals and their families faced with distress of illness and/or suffering to help aid in finding the spiritual comfort and meaning they yearn for. Not only do the chaplains help in aiding the patients and their families, but they also help the caregivers here within the staff at Aurora BayCare, too.


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