Aurora BayCare Hosts Sports Medicine Symposium: The Team Athlete

100 primary care physicians, sport specialty physicians, psychiatrists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletics trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and professionals from related fields came together to further their education of sports-related injuries at the Current Concepts in Sports Medicine Symposium on Friday, October 6, 2017.

The all-day program was designed to increase participants’ competency and knowledge of medical, surgical and rehabilitative care of injuries of team sport athletes: specifically hockey, baseball/softball, soccer, and basketball.

Upon completion of the course, participants were able to:

Aurora BayCare Sports Med Symposium
  • Identify injury patterns that are most commonly seen in athletes specific to basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and basketball.
  • Analyze athletic movement problems that lead to injury and how to implement strategies to prevent those injuries.
  • Summarize and critique the latest recommendations for medical, surgical and rehabilitative care of knee injuries in soccer athletes.
  • Execute guidelines and performance enhancement techniques for athletes about to return to play after an injury.
  • Create an individualized care plan with consideration of sport specific movements when designing a rehabilitation program.

Continuing education credits were available to the professionals that attended this event.


Aurora BayCare Sports Med Symposium Aurora BayCare Sports Med Symposium