Army National Guard Helicopter Lands at Aurora BayCare Medical Center

Dr. Nels Rose, Major, emergency room physician at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, aided in the landing of an Army National Guard helicopter at Aurora BayCare on Friday, June 2. The helicopter was an LUH-72 Lakota and had five of National Guard members on this training mission.

Dr. Rose is a trained flight surgeon and spent over eight years as a member of the United States Army. Now, Dr. Rose has been using his knowledge from the Army not only for his practice as an emergency medicine physician, as well as the flight surgeon based out of West Bend for the last three years.  He also functions as the Chief of Aviation Medicine for the state of Wisconsin, providing medical expertise to the aviation community.

This most recent training drill involved landing at two hospitals, including Aurora BayCare Medical Center, to practice landings and take offs at different locations as well as practice in-flight medical care.

"These types of drills help us better prepare for emergency situations for our soldiers and any potential disasters,” says Dr. Rose. “It is important to be familiar with the helipad at Aurora BayCare Medical Center to be fully prepared to provide the highest level of care and safe transport to the most appropriate facility.”